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Conflict 2 3  
Follow, Follow! 5 6
1 Male w/o
Housey, Housey 4 5
Cast flexible


Comedy Drama in Three Acts
One Set
2m 3f

The play follows the fortunes, and misfortunes of The Macrae family from shortly before the outbreak of World War Two to the dawning of the nuclear age. The writer portrays the lives of a plain, ordinary family, living in the heart of Clydeside as they are inexorably influenced by momentous historical events. An authentic, robust and keenly observed account of the period with dialogue which is at all times forthright, incisive and honest, often hilariously funny, often deeply moving.

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Comedy in Three Acts
One Set
5m 6f + 1m w/o

CHARLIE FERGUSON, a fanatical Glasgow Rangers supporter and his best mate, ANDY JOHNSTONE, an equally fanatical Glasgow Celtic supporter, are looking forward to the day of the big game, the 'Old Firm' derby. But Charlie's wife, ANNIE, has decreed that their pregnant daughter, LINDA, is to be married on that day. But due to the church’s plumbing problems the wedding might have to be cancelled. Annie, minister REV ‘TUG’ WILSON and his wife, MARY eventually solve the problem and the wedding takes place.

In Act 2 Linda presents husband JIMMY with a bouncing baby boy who Jimmy decides to name after the famous Celtic team, The Lisbon Lions (all eleven of them) No one is happy about this, least of all the two grandmothers, Annie and GEORGINA. Meanwhile, Linda's young sister, SANDRA and her boyfriend KENNY are conspiring to go on holiday together. All this plus the christening arrangements is interfering with grandfather CHARLIE and ANDY's plans for the new football season. Rev Wilson and his wife are drawn into the plot as Linda comes up with a brilliantly contrived plan to compromise the situation.

In Act 3 Charlie and Andy are again thwarted in their attempts to follow their favourite teams through Annie putting seemingly insurmountable obstacles in their way, and Linda and Sandra are also making demands on their partners. This time, Jimmy, Kenny and Rev Tug, by means of a devious plot, appear to have saved the day. But repercussions are inevitable.

One hundred minutes of side splitting hilarity, this play has received enthusiastic acclaim in the amateur and professional theatre alike.

“The plot doesn’t so much thicken as froth and bubble, like Instant Whip and the denouement is a cracker.” GLASGOW HERALD.

“Everyone should see it” GLASGOW EVENING TIMES

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Farcical Comedy in Two Acts
One Set
4m 5f (cast flexible)

As OLIVE MARSH, the new cleaning lady goes about her business in the show house of Midburn Homes estate FRED FOSTER, the building site manager calls to introduce himself. Into this scene comes the super efficient Sales Negotiator, JULIE PETERS making her presence and her authority felt. Julie is also very upset because she has lost a set of keys. The keys in question we discover have come into the possession of MICHAEL, a gentleman criminal who has ensconced himself, his wife PEGGY and his daughter, SANDRA in the bedrooms of the show house The reason for Michael's presence is soon made known. The proximity of the local constabulary, the valiant efforts of Julie's boyfriend, BRIAN, and an unexpected visit by the company SALES DIRECTOR do not deter the interlopers from completing the purpose of their visit. The action is fast and furious as one hilarious situation follows another. Super fun.

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